This case involves an unsafe stairway at our client’s apartment complex in the San Fernando Valley. Our client was walking down the stairs when suddenly a step broke in half causing our client to tumble down the stairs. Our client suffering injuries to his back and knees and ultimately required back and knee surgery. The landlord Defendant’s denied 100% responsibility and offered an insulting $75,000 in response to our $1 Million-dollar settlement demands. Defendant’s sent a letter advising us that our case will never be worth a million dollars. Defendants brought on new Trial Counsel as the case was destined for a jury. The Jury Trial commenced in Van Nuys California with Adam Savin, Stuart Fraenkel and Tom Feher. It wasn’t long before Defendants saw the writing on the wall. Prior to the case being decided by a jury they decided to pay $5 million dollars to our client. Justice was served. (Hector Sosa v. Property Management Company)