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Trip and fall at an apartment complex resulting in a traumatic brain injury to a 77-year-old Plaintiff when she fell and hit her head entering her own apartment unit.  The case settled for $1.65 million less than six months into litigation....

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After years of working on an assembly line, our client suffered long term impairment to his spine, stomach, head, lower extremities, bladder, nervous system, internal organs, cardiovascular system and more. After a hard battle we obtained a fantastic result for our client....

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Our client, while employed at a car dealership, was physically assaulted by a co-worker causing serious damage to her cervical spine resulting in fusion surgery and a permanent seizure disorder. Our client’s lifecare plan included a special service dog trained to detect a seizure moments before it commenced to warn our client and break her fall. We fought this case aggressively and obtained a tremendous result for our client, covering her past and future medical care and providing her with a structured settlement that gives her a substantial monthly payment every month for the rest of her life....

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