Lindsay Lupe Savin, a California native, graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz with a B.A. in Economics and a minor in Politics. Thereafter, she attended California Western School of Law in San Diego, where she earned her Juris Doctorate. Following in the footsteps of her mother, Bonnie Marie Bursk, Lindsay has been focused on Estate Planning, Trust litigation, Conservatorships, Guardianships, Probates, and Elder Abuse law. Lindsay is a member of the San Fernando Valley Estate Planning Council, where she continuously expands her education and stays current with changes in relative legislation.

While Lindsay’s career has been prepped since a young age under the guidance of her mother Bonnie Marie Bursk in the same fields of law, Lindsay’s career at Savin Bursk Law has greatly blossomed over the years, involving cases of complex trust litigation, will contest, and financial elder abuse. Lindsay’s experience in trust litigation has widely opened her eyes and expanded her knowledge on how to proceed with caution when drafting a client’s estate planning documents and how to resolve and prevent family disputes.

Lindsay understands the sensitivity involved in family disputes, as she possesses a strong relationship with all her family members, rooted in her upbringing. Extremely close with all her siblings and father, she also works daily side by side with her mother.

Lindsay is attentive and responsive to clients, detail‑oriented, and focused on facilitating a positive and caring atmosphere in the office. Further, she is energized, enthusiastic, and strives to meet every client’s expectations.