There is a weight that will hit you when you set foot inside a courthouse as a plaintiff. I know the scary and daunting feeling of being at the mercy of our judicial system, firsthand. I watched as my own lawyer delivered his opening statement skillfully, and with total confidence. It made me think, could I be this person for someone else? Do I have anything of value to offer? The voice in my head kept saying, “I’m just not one of those people”, but the spark had already been lit. Despite my initial self-doubt, I felt a longing to change lives. I left a secure job, took the dive, and never looked back.

As a plaintiff’s attorney, I consider it a great privilege and responsibility to give injured people a voice. It is my belief that there is no substitute for time spent with clients, and there are no shortcuts that can be taken getting to know each client. I devote significant attention and resources to each case, because I know that a custom-tailored, “small shop” approach is what produces the best results.

Prior to joining Savin Bursk Law, I practiced as a defense attorney for nearly 10 years in both California and Washington State. Many of those years were spent in medical malpractice, where I excelled at mastering the medicine on each case, and distilling down a huge volume of medical information to the essential focal points of the case. Today, I draw upon my extensive medical malpractice experience to implement winning case strategies on behalf of my clients.

Education: Loyola Law School, Los Angeles

Admissions: Washington and California state courts; United States District Court for the Central District of California

Professional Memberships: Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA); the Los Angeles County Bar Association