There is a weight that will hit you when you set foot inside a courthouse as a plaintiff. I know the scary and daunting feeling of being at the mercy of our judicial system, firsthand. I watched as my own lawyer delivered his opening statement skillfully, and with total confidence. It made me think, could I be this person for someone else? I went home that night feeling an intense desire to be that voice for someone else and to change someone else’s life. The spark had been lit. I left my secure job, took the dive, and have never looked back.

Prior to joining SavinBursk Law, I practiced as a defense attorney for nearly 10 years in both California and Washington State. Many of those years were spent in medical malpractice, where I excelled at mastering the medicine on each case, and distilling down a huge volume of medical information to the essential focal points of the case. Today, I draw upon my extensive medical malpractice experience to implement winning case strategies on behalf of my clients.

Education: Loyola Law School, Los Angeles

Admissions: Washington and California state courts; United States District Court for the Central District of California

Professional Memberships: Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA); the Los Angeles County Bar Association

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