Shireen Ghobadi is a litigation attorney who has focused her career on fighting for justice. She represents the injured and stands side by side with her clients in their battle with insurance companies. When Shireen takes on a case, she relentlessly, zealously and vigorously fights for the cause to the very end – because that’s just what it takes to win.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Shireen graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Honors in Political Science. Her innate passion for the law quickly developed into a multi-layered legal education as she embarked on her international journey in the country that birthed the common law. Shireen obtained her law degree at the University of Kent in the United Kingdom where she studied the historical and foundational roots of the common law legal system we have in place in the United States today. She then moved to Los Angeles where she attended UCLA School of Law and graduated with a Masters of Law specializing in International Human Rights Law.

Shireen began her career as a criminal defense attorney, passionately fighting to strengthen the voice of those who do not have the means to speak for themselves. It was through her experience as a criminal defense attorney where she learned that her clients are her most valuable tool in the courtroom. Shireen quickly understood that the key to winning a case was not limited merely to her comprehensive understanding of the law. Rather, it has been proven to her time and time again that a case is only as strong as the foundational understanding she has of the lived realities of each of her clients. After three years of practicing criminal defense, Shireen switched gears to civil law and focused her practice on representing people who were injured because of the negligence of another. She attributes her success to the individualized and strategic approach she takes in fighting to get her clients the results and justice they deserve.