Hector Sosa
Gregg Winters
Jeremy Arias
Andrew Agular
Barbara Freeman
Coleen Williams

The firm did a great job to help me over the car accident case. Adam provided excellent legal advices. Carlos was very supportive and guided me through the entire process. Stephanie made extra effort to gain best interest on my behalf. Thank you for everything you have done for my case!

Macy G

I came to the firm, very disappointed in another law firm that keep delaying things for my case. Since the first visit, Stephanie listened to me and explain to me what they needed to get done and finally got my car fixed and for the other insurance to accept liability after months of back and forth. I am eternally grateful, and will only recommend this office in the future!

Veronica Gelfman

They were fantastic. Everyone responded to my questions quickly. This was my first experience needing legal services and I am grateful that this firm was recommended to me.

Dylan Lammers

Savin and Bursk did an outstanding job handling my case. I had many questions throughout the process but Chris took the time to explain my options and kept me apprised as to updates and developments. I would easily recommend them to any of my friends and family.

Suzanne Jensen

I was very impressed with Savin and Bursk. They answered all my questions and phone calls promptly. There staff is extremely knowledgeable and kind. I dealt a lot with Chris he was very nice and helpful. Will definitely recommend this firm to family and friends.

Charlette Kelly

Everyone that had a hand in my case treated me with respect. They took the time to explain the process of my case. Mr Savin said he would fight for me and he keep his word. Thank you all for your professionalism.

Jinwen Hui

My mother passed away two years ago, and she has some money left in her investment account. But The bank was creating an impossible situation for me to inherit the assets. I contacted many attorneys, but they all turned me down, because either they don't know what to do or it was too time-consuming for them. As a last resort, I contacted Ms. Savin. She gave me a thorough consultation. She's very knowledgeable and resourceful. Thanks to her advice, I wrote to the headquarter of Citi in New York, and told them what Ms. Savin told me. Although in the end, I had to write a second angrier letter , the bank approved me request, and I finally got my mother's money. I truly appreciate Ms.Savin's time and effort. In the future, this law firm would definitely be my first choice if I need any legal help.

Dawn Snyder

Very understanding and willing to listen and explain, Great legal knowledge into legal situations, I can call, leave messages, or speak directly to my lawyer and know I am in good hands. Highly recommend this firm.

Judy Scott

I had a wonderful experience with this law firm. My phone calls and emails were always answered in a timely manner. I would highly recommend them.

Sevina Altanova

Our case was handled by Arnold Gross. He was very supportive, patient and understanding during the entire process. He handled everything very professionally!