9 Qualities to Look for In a Car Accident Lawyer

car accident lawyer

With 6 million car accidents occurring every day in the United States, preparing for the worst is essential. You can never predict when a collision may occur, but doing the proper research will effortlessly help you navigate any situation.

Knowing the qualities to look for in a car accident lawyer is necessary to maintain peace of mind. Not only will understanding these skills help you find the right accident attorney, but it’ll end up saving you money in the long run.

Let’s look at what qualities you should be looking for in an auto accident attorney.

1. Experience

The most important requirement of a good personal injury lawyer is experience. You need to find an attorney with a significant amount of experience in the cases you seek representation for. Be sure to look for a lawyer that knows how to fight in court.

Ask your potential attorney how many jury trials they have litigated to verdict. If you want the most amount of compensation for your auto accident, you’ll need a lawyer that can say no to low offers and fight for what you deserve in court.

Someone with years of experience and a solid reputation is sure to do so.

2. Honesty

In situations like car accidents, no one can predict the outcome for your case. The right car accident lawyer can evaluate the circumstances and provide multiple results. The key here is finding an attorney that is transparent and honest about how they can help you.

If a lawyer seems too good to be true or they promise the impossible, it’s a red flag. They should be able and willing to answer any concerns or questions you have with honesty.

3. Availability

You need to find an accident attorney that makes you the priority. There’s no reason your case shouldn’t receive significant individual attention, so be sure that the lawyer you choose has enough availability to meet your needs.

Any lawyers you reach out to should return your calls or e-mails in a timely matter. If they don’t, they’re likely too busy with an abundance of clients. A reasonable attorney will manage their workload and have enough support to take on your case.

4. Communication Skills

In addition to experience, good communication is another vital skill to look for. If your lawyer cannot communicate effectively with you, how will they correctly argue your case?

An attorney’s job is to speak to and convince judges and insurance companies to vote in your favor. Any lawyer who lacks communication skills is sure to fail your case.

The right lawyer will also write clearly and concisely. There is a significant amount of paperwork and legal documents involved in a car accident case, so if they fail to communicate effectively on paper, they won’t be any help to you.

5. Ethics and Good Judgement

The world of law can bring up a lot of complicated ethical questions. Some legal proceedings can make people question their moral values. You’ll want a lawyer with the same judgment as you.

You’ll be significantly more comfortable working with an attorney who shows integrity, especially if ethics are important to you. Otherwise, you may end up with a dishonest lawyer who plays dirty.

6. People Skills

Winning a case requires a lot of communicating and connecting to other people. If your lawyer can’t appeal to others, they will have a hard time getting you the compensation you’re owed. At the end of the day, an attorney’s job is to work with people, not paper.

The decisions that your lawyer makes affect not only your life but also the lives of others. As you research different attorneys, look for someone with strong people skills. They should be personable and persuasive.

7. Creativity

The best lawyers are creative and can find real solutions to the issues you’re facing. Each accident case is unique, so the attorney should know that you can’t tackle every case similarly. Lawyers tend to be risk-averse, but they should still know how to think outside the box.

Look for an attorney who can listen and truly understand the issues you face to create long-lasting solutions that work for all interested parties.

8. Assertiveness

You don’t need an aggressive lawyer, only an assertive one. Assertive lawyers will make themselves heard and state their opinions while remaining respectful of others. Aggressive attorneys ignore or attack others’ views to favor their own.

You’ll need a lawyer that understands another’s position when it varies from their clients. This proves that they understand the problem and can provide a practical solution. You don’t want to deal with an aggressive lawyer that ends up creating an uncooperative environment.

9. Empathy

Finally, you’ll need to find a lawyer that cares about you, not only their winning streak. Look for an attorney that remains empathetic to your situation and displays high emotional intelligence. They should be able to remain responsible while demonstrating an understanding of the emotional need of their clients.

Qualities to Look for In a Car Accident Lawyer

It’s no secret that being involved in a car accident is a costly and traumatic experience. Not only do you need to deal with potential hospital bills, but the emotional stress is enough to impact the rest of your life negatively. Hiring a car accident lawyer can help alleviate all of your worries.

Before you hire the first person that pops up from an online search, you’ll need to know what qualities to look for. If the attorney you’re speaking to possesses all of these traits, then you’re sure to make the most out of a bad situation.

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