Most Common Types of Personal Injury

After sustaining an accident or injury, you may not know where to go forward with the incident or even what to do. Fortunately, a personal injury lawyer can help you with the appropriate legal actions required to help you get the right compensation for recovery.

Just as much as it is essential to know who the culprit is behind your injuries, it is equally essential to identify the reason behind your accident. This information helps your personal injury lawyer in seeking compensations and damages from the rightful people involved.

Hence, there may be many different types of personal injuries with countless reasons behind them. Read on to learn the most common ones that majorly result in hiring personal injury lawyers.

According to the statistics presented by the World Health Organization, approximately 1.35 million people die annually as a result of a motor vehicle accident of some sort. Just recently, in February 2021, at least six people died reportedly in a 133-car pileup near Dallas, Texas. Hence, there is no denying the fact that motor vehicle accidents are prevalent and unpredictable.

If you have been involved or have sustained an injury in a motor vehicle accident, chances are you are entitled to compensation from the other party involved. An experienced personal injury lawyer should be at your back all time to help you in such circumstances so that you don’t pay for the financial losses and personal injuries sustained out of your own pocket.

  • Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice runs second to motor vehicle accidents in the list of most common types of personal injuries. The negligence on the part of your doctor or their staff, hospitals, and other medical professionals can cause serious injuries. It is often that medical malpractice leads to severe consequences, but it may fall under many different types, like:

  1. Injury from misdiagnosis
  2. Injury from neglected treatment
  3. Injury from surgical errors
  4. Injury from pharmacy errors
  5. Injury from childbirth errors

Because there are so many types of medical malpractice, each requires its own set of follow-up steps that only an experienced personal injury lawyer can have. That’s why it is absolutely crucial to have a personal injury lawyer at your service who can promptly evaluate the potential malpractice and aggressively pursue the rightful legal action required to compensate for your personal injury.

  • Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents are extremely common, considering so many people work in labor-intensive environments. There is a higher chance of such accidents and hazards, especially if it is a factory with machinery, chemicals, and equipment. Workplace accidents may often overlap with negligence on the employer’s part.

Such lawsuits usually lead up to worker’s compensation claims, but they are subjective to the type of personal injury sustained and differ from state to state. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you identify the best route through these legalities and state laws to find the best fair amount and way to deal with your employer.

  • Dog Bites

The rules of dog owner liability for bites and other personal injuries vary from state to state. Therefore, it gives the dog owner some cheeky options to get away with the lawsuit and avoid all, and any legal charges pulled up against them. Unfortunately, a dog owner may end up raising many defenses when facing a dog bite personal injury lawsuit.

With that being said, the person sustaining the dog bite injury is still permitted to sue and recover compensation for personal injuries, but it can be a challenging process. Therefore, such a situation requires a personal injury lawyer specializing in state laws.

  • Hazardous Drug Use

Drugs are legally supposed to adhere to safety standards. However, sometimes, the safety standard protocol is overlooked, or the packaging of the said drug is outsourced and neglected. This leads to misinformation and negligence on the part of the drug company. For example, the drug packaging contains a common allergen, but it doesn’t say on the packaging or the drug is not safe for children, but the drug company chooses not to disclose it.

Chances are the drug consumer may suffer from life-threatening consequences after hazardous drug use. Therefore, these cases usually lead to litigation charges in the form of class-action lawsuits against the drug company. As these lawsuits can be against giant corporations with a whole team of lawyers at their disposal, a highly-qualified personal injury lawyer is necessary to fight on your behalf.


Hopefully, now that you are aware of the most common types of personal injuries, you have gained a thorough understanding of why you need an established personal injury lawyer as your backup.

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