Construction workers face some of the highest levels of risk on the worksite. Heavy machinery, elevated work stations, fumes from construction materials, moving objects, and slippery surfaces all pose threats to safety of those working on a site. There are basic rules and regulations that decrease the chances of risk, but what happens when one is injured due to the careless, negligent actions of others? Construction managers do their best to ensure the safety of their workers, however strict deadlines and high levels of responsibility cause some to fall short.

Whether you are an employee or someone who has been invited onto the site, if you or a loved one have had an injury on a construction site, you might be able to file a personal injury claim, recover your losses, and find out who should be held liable. Depending on the source of the injury, liable parties can extend beyond construction managers to the manufacturers of machinery and equipment, as well as site owners, architects and engineers, subcontractors, and other employees.

The most common cause of injury at these sites include:

  • Slip/Trip and falls caused by hazardous working conditions.
  • Falling on stairwells when they have been installed incorrectly or lack handrails.
  • Stepladders which can cause a tip or can collapse causing injury.
  • Falls from roofs when no fall protection or lifelines are provided.
  • Trenches and excavation walls collapsing if they have not been properly installed.
  • Power tool accidents: When eye and ear protection are not worn.
  • Lifting improperly with back muscles.
  • Machinery including dump trucks, forklifts, cranes, and other vehicles.

If you have suffered injury as the result of a construction accident, you are responsible for proving your case against the liable party(s) with the help of a qualified attorney. Contact one of the skilled attorneys at Savin Bursk Law for a free consultation today!

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