Despite major efforts by the State of California to prevent railways accidents, incidents still occur. Railway-crossing accidents can result in significant injury and damages, particularly for those on platforms, stations, and crossings, often as the result of problems with traffic signals or the sightline between the train and those at the crossing. When the line of sight is compromised, the train is unable to take appropriate measures — such as sounding a warning or slowing down — to prevent collision.

With several major railway lines and light-rail systems throughout California, Californians are at particularly high risk for these accidents, and require specialized legal counsel to help navigate rules and regulations, and recover damages caused by the accident. Our firm is seasoned in mass transit law with proven results in getting clients what you deserve,


  • Compensation for all medical expenses
  • Payment for emotional pain and suffering
  • Future medical costs associated with injuries
  • Death-related expenses

If you or a loved one have been involved in a railway crossing accident and sustained injuries, help is here. We understand that these incidents are traumatic and we are ready to act on your behalf. Contact Savin Bursk Law for a free consultation today.

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