Have you been involved in a drunk driving accident and wondering how to recover your losses? Many assume in drunk driving that the driver is the only responsible party, however, in some cases, there can be others who can be held liable. In addition to any venue serving alcohol to people under the age of 21, party hosts and bar/restaurant staff can be held accountable if they have served alcohol to an individual who was clearly inebriated. California law states that individuals under the age of 21 cannot have more than 0.00% blood alcohol content (BAC), those over 21 cannot have more than 0.07% BAC, and those operating a commercial vehicle cannot have more than 0.03% BAC.

Some victims involved in drunk driving accidents or accidents where the driver is under the influence of drugs, are mistaken in the belief that they have to wait until the criminal case has taken place before filing a civil case. On the contrary, criminal suits by the police are entirely separate from cases brought up by civilians in civil courts. If the victim or the family of the victim wishes to recover monetary damages, they can do so immediately following the accident and do not have to wait for the criminal case to conclude before pressing charges. Expenses accrued by drunk driving accidents often include medical expenses, loss of wages, pain and suffering, and property damage. Unlike criminal cases, the amount of evidence needed is much lower in civil cases, and so, the likelihood of recovering these losses is much higher in civil court.

In the event of an accident, it is vital to know your rights and protect yourself from insurance adjusters. We understand that drunk driving accidents are traumatic experiences, and insurance companies often use this stress to get victims to agree to far less compensation than what they deserve. Savin Bursk Law will remove the burden of working with insurance companies and work tirelessly on your behalf to make sure that you receive all that is owed to you to cover present and future expenses that arise as a result of the accident. Call us today and you won’t just receive a group of lawyers, you’ll receive a team of allies ready to stand with you in whatever legal battles lie ahead.

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