Enjoying life in California often means relying on trusted professionals like doctors, lawyers, bankers, engineers, and others. All of these professionals have a responsibility to their client (you), to execute ordinary due diligence to ensure that your interests are being looked after. Neglecting to do can have terrible ramifications

  • Medical Professionals
    Failing to obtain the patient’s consent and/or performing treatments incorrectly can cause undue pain and suffering to a patient
  • Lawyers
    Failing abide by statutes of limitations or proper protocol can result in the loss of rights for the client
  • Financial Professional’s
    Negligence and mismanagement of a client’s money can lead to significant financial loss
  • Architects and Engineers
    Defective and unsound structures, neglecting to use the proper building materials and/or failing to provide proper supervision of the construction can result in anything from minor injury, to death if a structure collapses

Each of these circumstances can fall into any of the following categories: negligence, breach of fiduciary responsibility, and/or breach of contract. If you or a loved one has fallen victim to any of these, call our office today. We understand the impact that professional negligence can have on your livelihood, and Savin Bursk Law will work tirelessly on your behalf to hold the professional accountable.

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