Have you or a loved one been harmed or injured by a defective product? If you or a loved one have been injured in any way by a defective product, stop using it immediately and contact a lawyer because you may be eligible to receive compensation.

The government has created certain federal and local laws which protect consumers against dangers products and hold manufacturers liable for any injuries caused by such goods. These rules and regulations are known as product liability law and many Americans fail to realize their rights in case of injury. It is essential that you contact a knowledgeable lawyer who can help you understand your rights and represent you against large manufacturing companies.

Common sources of defective products are:

  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Sporting goods including firearms, exercise equipment, helmet
  • Medical devices
  • Defective automobile products including airbags, seatbelts, tires, child car seats
  • Food
  • Child safety seats
  • Children’s toys


Design Defects

A problem with the product’s design that makes the product inherently dangerous or useless, even if it is manufactured perfectly and made of the best-quality materials.

Manufacturing Defects

A defect in a product that was not intended. This kind of defect occurs when a product departs from its intended design and is more dangerous than consumers expect the product to be.

Defects In Marketing

When a company deceives customers and fails to warn them of the risks associated with the product, they can be held liable for any side effect of use, or a particular characteristic of the product.

Attempting to recover losses without the help of an experienced attorney is unlikely to produce the compensation necessary to cover the full extent of the medical bills associated with an incident. The Law Offices of Savin & Bursk will be with you at every step of the way, and will advise you on the best course of action to take in order to help you get the compensation you deserve. Our firm collaborates with experienced specialists and engineers which provide insight into your case and deliver expert testimonies in a courtroom. Whenever necessary, these assets allow us to make a replica of the flawed item to strengthen your case.

You have spent your hard earned money to purchase and use the product so why should you be forced to spend more just to relieve yourself of this item? Call the Law Offices of Savin & Bursk today for a free consultation.

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