When you step onto property that is not your own, you put yourself at risk of unforeseen fire hazards. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed by a fire or explosion and believe that it was preventable, you could be entitled to compensation from the property owner. Fires and explosions can be caused by a number of things including defective products, construction accidents, motor vehicle accidents, restaurant and hotel fires, and fires as the result of arson.

Common injuries from fires and explosions include burns, paralysis, skin damage, significant injuries, and organ damage.

Due to the nature of these injuries, medical expenses can be significant and continue to mount if follow-up treatments and rehabilitation are necessary.

Furthermore, injuries from fires and explosions can result in a loss of quality of life, loss of wages and potential earnings, and undue pain and suffering in the future.

The team at Savin Bursk Law know that these events can be traumatic, and dealing with insurance companies is just one more inconvenience to grapple with in the midst of everything. In times of crisis, it helps to know that someone is looking out for you and that due diligence will be done to collect evidence, and make your case. If you believe that you have a case, call our office today and we will work with the insurance agents to make sure that your interests are looked after.

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